SA Sailing SantaSaint Arnold’s beloved Sailing Santa is sailing into stores on November 17th!

The brewers are set to release about 12,000 bottles of this annual holiday beer, a 5.7% ABV beer that’s made from a blend of Saint Arnold’s Elissa IPA and Christmas Ale. These two favorites are blended in a fermentor along with delicious, aromatic spices, three different American hops and three different malts.

According to the brewery, “The genesis of this beer came from our customers on tours asking to blend the two beers with somebody coming up with the name Sailing Santa. We have now added spices to the beer, changing the mix slightly from year to year, to add to the holiday experience of enjoying a pint.”

Sailing Santa will be available in 22 ounce bottles at your favorite grocery and liquor stores and as we all know – good Saint Arnold brews go fast! This beer is getting lots of attention this season, with Paste Magazine even naming Santa one of “10 winter beers you have to drink right now.”

So pick some up before next weekend’s game and save a few back for future holiday celebrations.

With cooler weather moving in and great holiday beers soon to release, we’re certainly getting in the spirit around here! Check back next week as we bring you another Texas Tuesday pick of the week. Cheers, Pint Jockeys!

Rahr OktoberfestHalloween is almost here! We know you’re gearing up for Friday’s festivities, and stocking your fridges with the best Oktoberfest brews of the season while you still can. If you haven’t experienced Rahr & Son’s Oktoberfest yet, may we suggest you do.

Released all the way back in August, this stuff is now down to limited availability. And there’s good reason why – it’s really, REALLY good.

Rahr’s Oktoberfest Celebration Lager is a traditional Marzen-syle Oktoberfest lager. Dark in color and super smooth, it is medium bodied with a sweet, malty finish. Brewed with Magnum hops and 2 Row, Vienna, Cara Munich III and Melanoidin malts, it pairs well with traditional German foods like Schnitzel, Pretzels and Spatzel. Serving up a cheese platter at your Halloween fest? The brewers say the beer pairs best with Mozzarella and Gouda. They also mention that it’s surprisingly delicious with spicy Mexican foods.

We hope you’ll give this one a whirl before Winter Warmer and more take its place on shelves. For full details on this stellar selection, check out http://rahrbrewing.com/all_beers/oktoberfest/.

Happy Halloween in advance, Pint Jockeys! Stay safe, designate a driver and we’ll catch you next week with another Texas-born craft beer pick of the week.

Fresh Hop AleAccording to the brewers at Saint Arnold, when hops are harvested there is a 48 hour period in which they can be used fresh in the brewing process. This year, they had 420 lbs. of fresh Centennial hops air-shipped to them and quickly realized they would use them to make their first ever Session IPA – Fresh Hop Ale.

Fresh Hop Ale is “pure,” containing no additives or preservatives. It is not pasteurized in order to maintain the freshest flavor possible, and avoid losing any of the beer’s many subtle, delicate flavors that would not survive the heat of pasteurization.

This is a single-hop beer and comes in at 5.25% ABV and 69 IBUs. It’s a very drinkable beer that incorporates freshly harvested Centennial hops toward the end of the boil in addition to the typical hop additions you’d expect in a regular IPA. The fresh hops give it a unique, slightly softer bitter than the traditional dried hops would and it’s recommended that you drink the beer quickly to fully appreciate and experience these special hop flavors.

Fresh Hop Ale is now on tap at select establishments around town only. That’s right, folks – this stuff was made in such small quantities that nothing was bottled! So enjoy it while it lasts! When it’s gone, it’s gone until next year.

Have you seen it at any of your favorite bars yet? Let your fellow Pint Jockeys know where you see it pop up in the comments below and join us again next week for another Texas Tuesday pick. Until then, Pint Jockeys. Cheers!

Join us as we celebrate “Shocktober” with a special lineup

Shock top pumpkin headWe’re fired up for all things Fall! This October, we’re celebrating “ShockTober” with an all Shock Top lineup at our tasting events this Thursday, October 16th from 5-7 pm.

Each tasting location can expect to taste five different Shock Top selections, plus one special additional pick! The Shock Top beers on the roster are as follows:

Shock Top Belgian White – Shock Top shakes up traditional tastes with this spiced Belgian-style wheat ale, made with real orange, lemon, lime peels and a little coriander for an extra kick.


Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat – Shock Top Honeycrisp Apple Wheat is a unique, hand crafted brewed hybrid of Belgian wheat beer and sweet cider, with natural Honeycrisp flavor added to produce an innovative new brew that is crisp, refreshing and flavorful. This unfiltered brew is perfect on a sunny day.


Shock Top Honey Bourbon Cask Wheat – Shock Top’s newest edition is a Belgian-Style unfiltered wheat ale brewed with honey, caramel malt, and aged on bourbon cask staves for the perfect balance of flavor and refreshment all year round.


Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat – This traditional Belgian-style wheat ale fully captures all the flavors of fall. The ale is brewed with ripe pumpkins and a variety of autumnal spices including nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves to create a refreshingly smooth mouthfeel.


Shock Top Raspberry – This traditional Belgian-style wheat ale is brewed with essence of wild raspberry and hand-selected hops. It’s this combination that gives it its crisp and distinctive Shock Top taste, with its own flavorful twist. The unfiltered ale has a light-golden color and a smooth finish.


Victoria – you’ll also have the chance to sample one of the best pumpkin beers around by Samuel Adams:

Samuel Adams Harvest Pumpkin – Real pumpkin and warming spices like ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg give this brew a smooth, hearty, and inviting character perfect for the crisper days of fall.

Texas City, your additional selection is surely going to get you in a Fall frame of mind:

New Belgium La Folie – La Folie, French for ‘the folly’, is a beer steeped in New Belgium brewing tradition. This wood-aged, sour brown spends one to three years in big, oak barrels, known as foeders. And when the beer finally hits the glass, La Folie is sharp and sour, full of green apple, cherry, and plum-skin notes. Pouring a deep mahogany, the mouthfeel will get you puckering while the smooth finish will get you smiling.

And last but certainly not least, Beaumont will get the chance to experience the coveted Pumpkinator by Saint Arnold Brewing Co.:

Saint Arnold Pumpkinator – Perfect for October, this imperial pumpkin stout is Saint Arnold’s answer to how a pumpkin beer ought to taste. This year’s version comes in at 10% ABV, and is crafted to make you feel like you just walked into your mom’s kitchen while she was cooking 37 pumpkin pies.


All tastings are FREE and open to the public, ages 21 and up. See ya’ll tomorrow at one of the following three locations!


Beaumont: Del Papa Distribution Center, Hospitality Room, 410 I-10 South, Beaumont, TX 77707


Victoria: Del Papa Distribution Center, Hospitality Room, 3907 E. Rio Grande, Victoria, TX 77807


Texas City: Del Papa Distribution Center, Hospitality Room, 1220 I-45, Texas City, TX 77591




Robert Earl Keen beer can

Pedernales Brewing Co. is teaming up with Robert Earl Keen to release a brand new beer

As many of you well know, Texas country music and Texas craft beer make for one unbeatable, unforgettable combo. Brace yourselves, Pint Jockeys, because one of your favorite country music legends is teaming up with one of your favorite breweries in the Lone Star State – and you won’t have to wait long to have your first taste of what’s to come!

Country music star Robert Earl Keen has teamed up with Fredericksburg’ very own Pedernales Brewing Co. to release his first beer, a Honey Pilsner. The brew uses honey from Fain’s Honey in Llano, Texas and is technically classified as a classic Pilsner. Throw in a little twist with hints of honey and there you have it – Robert Earl Keen Honey Pils. The beer is set to release in mid-October in 12 oz. cans and kegs at retail stores and bars near you!

The folks at Pedernales say that their partnership with Mr. Keen may not stop at the Honey Pils, noting that they have some plans brewing for another release under the Robert Earl Keen label – perhaps a Raspberry Hefeweizen – as soon as Spring of next year. We will, as always, keep you posted on any further updates!

Check out the image below of Mr. Keen himself brewing one of the first batches of his Honey Pils:


Amber Ale Mosaic Hops

Saint Arnold Brewing Co.’s dry hopped Amber Ales keep on coming and we are NOT complaining!

As the brewery continues to recognize 20 years of brewing Amber Ale, we’ve already enjoyed two different special batches dry hopped with Liberty and Cascade Hops. Now on shelves is what the brewers are calling the “third, final and most intense release of the series – Amber Ale Dry hopped with Mosaic.”

According to the folks at Saint Arnold, “Mosaic is a relatively new hop variety that gives an intense tropical, passion fruit aroma when used for dry hopping. To make sure that the Mosaic was able to shine, we dry hopped the beer once during fermentation and again prior to bottling. The addition of all that Mosaic transforms Amber Ale from a well-balanced beer to one that is incredibly hop forward.”

This third and final release in what has been a FANTASTIC series is available in 22 oz. bomber bottles and on cask at select establishments. We hope you’ll get your hands on some while you can and let us know what you think.

We’ll see you back on the blog next week with another Texas Tuesday pick. Cheers, Pint Jockeys.

Ale Wagger

As far as we’re concerned, man’s best friends are dogs and beer. When we heard that Saint Arnold Brewing Co. was renaming one of its most beloved beers to serve the canine community we had to know more!

Here’s what happened to your beloved Amber Ale, Pint Jockeys.

It just got a new moniker and colorful packaging with images of pooches throughout as part of a partnership between Saint Arnold and the BARC animal shelter – a city-run organization that encourages citizens to spay, neuter and adopt pets. The brewery will donate $1 to the organization from each case of Ale Wagger sold.

Brown Ale itself was introduced 19 years ago and while it has won many awards and quite a following among Texas craft beer aficionados, the brewers decided it was time to do a bit of rebranding. According to this Houston Chronicle item, the brewery had been in discussions to change the name and color scheme for at least a decade. The timing and cause was right and bam – Ale Wagger was born.

Same great beer, different name, great cause. We’ll drink to that!

Have you spotted it anywhere, Pint Jockeys? Let us know!


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